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Experience our sophisticated dashboard designed to revolutionize property exploration. Our intuitive image-based user interface translates visual property visits into informed investment decisions. Seamlessly navigate through properties, assess potential investments, and make well-informed choices, all at your fingertips. Let the power of visuals guide you towards your ideal property investment.


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Unifying UK Property Data: Explore the ClicPad Advantage

Our cutting-edge technology provides access to all relevant UK residential property data sets in one platform.

  • Markets

    Visualize market trends and compare locations Create customized time-series analyses Use our heat mapping technology to visualize data.

  • Land Ownership

    Gain insight into land ownership information Search for land that fits your development requirements Customizable planning features.

  • Demographics

    Quickly understand socioeconomic data Identify your target markets Determine age profiles, affordability, and income levels.

  • Custom Reports

    Generate custom report templates Significantly reduce report creation time Efficiently analyze assets and opportunities.

Schedule Zoom Meeting

Connect Directly: Schedule a Zoom Meeting to Explore Project Details

Engage in a dynamic conversation about our project by scheduling a Zoom meeting. This personalized approach allows you to inquire about project specifics, gain comprehensive knowledge, and address any inquiries you may have.

  • Personalized Project Insights

  • Interactive Q&A Session

  • Effortless Knowledge Transfer


Guidance for Informed Choices

Rely on our expert guidance to make well-informed decisions in your property investment journey.

  • Tailored Insights

  • Tailored Insights

  • Optimized Decisions

Intelligent Property Personalization

Tailored Insights, Seamless Experience

Our AI is built with machine learning so all the properties, data and analytics are personalized to you and your search habits. This means we only show you opportunities that mean your needs. Save time scrolling through listings and have everything that will interest you posted straight to your dynamic dash

Effortless Compliance Management

Seamless AML and KYC Processes

Glide through AML checks and KYC forms by using our partners SmartSearch who can do everything from verify your passport to run your credit checks all with one Clic

Simplified Document Management

One-Stop Document Organization

Tired of searching through WhatsApp messages and email inboxes to find that vital form sent from the solicitor? Lost that message with the application form? Take out the hassle and hurry on with the one Clic doc space - all your documents, all your forms in one place

Efficient E-Signing with Docusign

Seamless, Instant Document Processing

There is no need to print and scan when you use Docusign - tasks that took minutes take seconds with e-signing and easy return

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Our app is coming soon for Android & iOS

Experience seamless property investment with the ClicPad app, now accessible on both Android and iOS platforms.

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  • Sept 12, 2023
  • Web app

The ClicPad podcast features compelling conversations with a selection of intriguing figures from the fields of real estate, proptech, education, and religion within the West Africa region. Our discussions cover a wide array of topics, aiming to capture perspectives on real estate investment and how proptech might revolutionize the African real estate landscape.

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Tax Information provided without warranty. Tax treatment is subject to HMRC guidelines –
we recommend that you get your own expert tax advice for your specific situation.

As with all investments, previous performance is no guarantee of future performance.

Our website offers information about property, but not personal financial advice.
If you’re not sure which properties are right for you, please request advice, for example from a financial advisor.

If you decide to buy using Clicpad remember that property prices can go up and down in value.

We do not provide any form of advice, if you want to know for example,how a guaranteed rent works, how long for
and when it starts, as per the ClicPad website you can contact the developers and/or House builders for advice.
Clicpad is not a developer or house builder and we do not own any of the developments or properties that we are advertising.

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